Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kurt Butler's Blogs and Books  Explains some of the reasons Kurt Butler has had to sue the County of Maui. Names County government criminals and the crimes they have committed. Exposes the protection racket the government runs for a criminal enterprise and the license to murder that it granted the racketeers. Exposes the government's unconstitutional policies that guarantee injustice will very often prevail.  Dumb things Maui drivers and cyclists do that endanger and inconvenience others. Plus Ban the Horrible Hog.  Makes the case for not pledging, and instead protesting HPR's promotion of quackery and health fraud. The pseudo-sport in which contestants vie to prove they are the most ignorant, disgusting pigs around.  A teachers' discussion guide to a controversial novel.  Why I hate "people of color." Note the " ". I hate the term, not the people it refers to. An unusual protest of a most brazen illegal policy maintained by Maui government criminals. 

Deepak Chopra, Medical Messiah or Madman? Proof that the Indian-American icon of New Agers, Deepak Chopra, is either a psychopath (anti-social personality) or is utterly insane.  

We exposed con artist Tony Robbins and his fire-walking scam 31 years 

ago. George Noory is a cynical psychopath and professional liar. Frauds and Funnies from Maui's New Age Media.  Exposes the strong fascist-like tendencies of the County of Maui (the government, not the people). Exposes the dangerous criminal scams of Alive and Well Health Fraud Store. Describes the violence and other crimes it commits to silence its critic(s).  It's hard to get justice in Hawai'i courts. Lawyers are a major reason for this. My lawsuit to hold the Jones Crime Family accountable for its racketeering violence, and how it was sabotaged by its criminal friends in Maui's county government. I was unlawfully arrested, imprisoned for a month and brutalized by prison personnel. I sued the bastards. 

www.Maui's Softcore Fascism: "Clean and Safe." Does the street-sweeping really make the street safer?

Free e-book:  Lying for Fun and Profit; The Truth about the Media.

25 years in the making. Exposes the corrupt symbiosis between the corporate mass media and the health fraud industries.

For more detailed critiques of various forms of quackery, including naturopathy, see my book A Consumer’s Guide to “Alternative Medicine”.  It was expertly edited by legendary quack buster Stephen Barrett. MD. 
The critics say:

"Superb!" -- Dr. Victor Herbert in the New England Journal of Medicine.

"Excellent" -- National Council Against Health Fraud.

"Five Stars" -- Cooking Light.

"Thought provoking; a great book" -- American Journal of Health Promotion.

 When the book was published almost 30 years ago it was strongly praised by responsible health experts and the rare responsible media, but trashed by new-age critics and even vandalized in bookstores by new-age fanatics. It is as true and relevant as ever, and has been mostly vindicated by time. Yet my courageous and far-sighted publisher, the venerable Prometheus Books, is still sitting on lots of copies. Please help validate their integrity by buying a copy. Or two or more as gifts. Perhaps 10 for your local school library and health classes. See their website for assorted discounts. Make them an offer. (My royalties are insignificant; this little promo is for the benefit of one of the world's great publishers, Prometheus Books.) 

Maui's future foretold
Barbarians In Paradise -- Terror Comes to Maui. This is a prophetic flash novel about a future police state and those who rebel against it. Available in paperback and ebook at 

Free e-book, Lying for Fun and Profit / The Truth about the Media. Exposes the corrupt symbiosis between the mass media and the health-fraud industries. Explains how and why an entire generation has been indoctrinated to believe in BS about health, nutrition and medicine.  About 250 pages. Get it absolutely free HERE